Powder coating pricing can vary from part to part, so ALL jobs require quotes Email us for a quote.
Listed below are the starting prices for commonly powder coated items. We welcome creativity and we can customize most parts at reasonable prices. Tell us what you want to do – we may have a unique idea or two.
-Prices include standard prep procedures, and one stage powder coating. Add 50% for each subsequent coat.
-You are responsible for disassembly, we will not disassemble customer parts. Prices subject to change without notice.


V8 valve cover, $45/EA and up
4 Cyl valve cover, $60 and up
Steel Rims, $65 and up
Aluminum rims, $90 and up
Brake calipers (single piston), $35 and up each
Brake drum, $40 and up



Crash bar $45 and up
Cam cover $30 and up
Frame $195 and up
Handle bar $35 and up
Lower leg set, $80 /pair and up
Primary cover $60 and up
Rims $100 and up
Triple trees, $60/set and up
Rocker box (4) $120


Bicycle frame, $100 and up
Bicycle Fork $30


Upper A arms, $20 and up
Lower A arms, $35 and up
Rear bumper, $30 and up
Rails, $50 and up



Steel grit, Garnet blasting, shop rate of $100/HR
Vapor blasting, $100/HR


Shop rate, $100/HR

Your parts should arrive as clean as possible. Since powder coats do not stick to dirt and grease,
we will look them over closely and spot clean, as needed. If extensive cleaning is needed we
will bill at a shop rate of $100 an hour for cleanup. We clean parts with chemicals or media
blasting, as necessary.